About Us


ibulb Online is a global platform established in 2020 by business professional's with a strategic mission to help as many entrepreneurs as possible and connect them with the right investors to build a profitable business. 

About Platform:

ibulb Online platform helps the entrepreneur to start and run their idea as well as for startup companies. We empower people to come up with new ideas which matter to them a lot and convert those ideas into a reality with the help of investors around the globe. 

iBulb.online is creating and providing an online platform where a profitable business can be built with the help of inventor ideas and investor funds.

Many people want to start their new business or bring their idea into reality. Still, they are struggling to find the funding source and best investors to guide them about their business growth, so we made the ibulb Online platform to help startups and inventors find global investors.

Our platform guides inventors on a successful path.

We permit every individual around the globe to come up with positive action based on their experience and abilities. We bring those highly skillful, energetic, and passionate about their work, so we would be able to do the best for everyone. IBulb Online platform will help everyone to connect with the right person or party to create the future they all dream of.

Vision Statement:

We have the vision to provide the best support to inventors and investors to achieve their goals and build a successful business.

At ibulb Online, we love new thinking and ideas. Those ideas will be secure with us; we will make it possible to connect you with numerous investors who couldn't want anything more than to hear your thoughts and want to invest in your idea, Small business, or startup.

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