5 Marketing tips🏆

In today's digital world, it's not enough to have a great product or service.

It will help if you have an effective marketing campaign to get the word out. 

Generate leads is the most challenging thing to do today in most Online businesses.

Marketing tactics are not difficult to execute, but you need to know how and what you're doing.

This article will go over five different marketing methods you can use on almost every freelancing platform, even if your budget is small or nonexistent. These methods should give you an idea of how to start and get your message out there and spread the word, as we call it in the marketing business.

If you just started online freelancing, The following five methods are the most used in online marketing today and are the most effective.💪

The best way is to use them together to get the best result. 👉

  • Social Media Strategy: Posting about your business on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms will help you grow followers and gain more exposure for your brand. Make sure you connect to the right social media fits to your product or brand. Choose a maximum of 3 social media options to promote your product. At ibulb Online, you have an easy system that gives you the comfort to do it from your proposal page to any social media network. You can also use our professional freelancers who provide excellent service on the ibulb Online platform for assistance.💁  

  • Email Campaigns: Mailing lists are still practical tools for reaching potential customers and reminding them of your business. (How can I do that on ibulb Online?
  • Copywriting: To make sure the 1 & 2 sections above will give you good results, you need to provide good content relevant to your niche. To get professional help at an astounding price, use Rytr, the best AI copywriting online application. If you have no funds, the FREE plan is available.🙆

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  • Creation and Design: when you have all your written content ready, it's time for you to create designed pics that have to be relevant to your niche and have to be eye-catching for good social media performance.

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  • Video Marketing: As you already know, the most eye-catching tool on social media Is the video! To create a great video, you need to have all tools ready, written content, good-looking Pics and combine them into a Video. You can use our professionals, And it's most recommended because creating a video takes time, and you need to be good at editing and don't forget things move fast on the digital market!🌌

How to do freelancing successful?🔔

If you keep on the five methods, always be consistent , make new content, you will start seeing results real fast, and all the rest is your hands , service, and the quality of your product. 📯

Good luck🎉

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